18 cm tall of pure swagg, build it, paint it, custom it & make it yours 😉
This kit is made of 8 pieces on an easy straight forward building process.
Light gray pictures are a build kit with supports removed, light sanded on supported areas and a coat of primer.
Read carefully:
You are buying a garage kit, a set of high quality resin 3d printed & unpainted parts to build a figure.
Kit is sent as a set of raw 3d printed parts, including supports. You’ll need to remove those supports and glue parts to build it (glue is not included).

Since this is a 3d printed garage kit, expect minor surface imperfections (sometimes a smooth sandpaper is needed to match a perfect finish on certain spots/areas, review supported printed parts pics on gallery).
All orders will include assorted Ghettoplastic stickers.
This is a made to order product, it will be printed and sent on the next 5 days from your order.
All sales are final.

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