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El Zurd0 is a vagabond fighter, born in South Spain, banned from all South American leagues, upgraded in Japan, now looking for new fighters to defeat worldwide.
Famous for his finish move 由来の力(destiny’s force), where his massive left hand destroys all newcomers souls.
Sometimes on certain  chances(don’t forget to push Y before round start) El Zurdo Sombra appears, darker than night & more angry for victory than ever.
Unique custom painted piece done for Wrestling Toy Federation 2024 expo, Commissioned by Angry Beast & Lab Monkey Number 9.
18cm tall with a 138 grams weight & removable mask.
You are buying a handmade figure, high quality resin 3d printed &  then airbrush/ hand painted, zero AI involved.
All orders will include assorted Ghettoplastic stickers.
All sales are final.


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